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Do you want to keep your trees healthy and safe?

By tree assessment on its past and current condition such as location, healthiness, risk, etc. and future forecast, preservation approach including immediate action and continuous maintenance practice could be advised.


Construction works / sites always face the challenge for tree retaining situation. For the sustainable manner, the developers/ site contractors and publics are looking for best practice on protecting the retained trees to avoid unnecessary damage on its structure and health. Analysis on current condition before the site is being constructed, collaborate with the construction plan and future environment could come with advice and plan on these valuable trees and sustain the greening environment.


Healthy trees only live in the environment up in the air and the soil beneath the ground which is suitable for their species. In win-win situation, correct tree selection synergizes both the tree health and planting environment but the result will be totally opposite if it is not done right, or even much worse than the existing situation. Tree selection is essential for all planting plan.


Good soil brings your trees better growth and health. Although the soil condition is not good enough for the trees at this moment and leads various defects, improvement for the soil condition could help the trees recovery.


Just like human-being, tree is living life and needs special care on health. But, it is important that the applied the practice must be appropriate depending on the species and living environment. Different species of tree has their own living requirements. Trees could live for hundred, thousand years with good care but they also could be killed by only few hours.


Proper tree pruning technique could help the tree growth better or control the overgrowth of foliage. It could also help the tree escape form the large pruning wound which may trigger other defects and affect the tree health and stability. Crown cleaning and proper crown reduction are the common technique which the Qualified Arborist normally uses.


Tree supporting system is used to provide extra support and extend life of tree. Proper supporting system reduced the risk of failure of trees and large branches. Qualified Arborist will install the system in safe practice with the knowledge and consideration of tree anatomy and CODIT (Compartmentalization Of Decay In Tree). Supporting systems is included: Cable, Bracing, Guying and Propping.


In well-developed area, root is always under various stresses since the poor soil conditions, which is included compacted soil, poor nutrients/organic matter cycle, limited soil volume, etc. The poor soil conditions may cause the tree decline and being infected by pest such as insects and fungi attack. Root and soil inspection could provide more evident for the cause of poor tree health and Qualified Arborist could precisely provide the recommendation of future maintenance.


Tree removal is always the final decision if the tree has imminent hazard. By using rigging technique, we could use the rope and metal components to lower the log and land under our control. This is the safe technique which could prevent unnecessary property damage.